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Keston Parish Church has a small twelve stop 1904 Lewis organ which was recently described by Dr Harry Bramma ( lately of Southwark Cathedral and the Royal School of Church Music)   as “ a very fine organ”.
 Martin Cross and Richard Sheppard of Martin K Cross Church Organ Builders, assisted by Peter Sanders, started  the work listed below on January 6th 2014.
         Completely dismantle the organ.
         Clean  interior of organ case, clean and repair organ mechanism.
         Individually clean all  644 pipes and make sundry repairs.
       Metal open pipes : to be cleaned, small dents and bruises rounded out.
        Metal stoppered pipes : stoppers to be removed, bodies rerounded .
         Wooden stoppered pipes : check each pipe for split/unsound joints and repair as required. Pack, grease and re-fit tuning stoppers.
          Reed pipes : To be taken apart and cleaned, removing all dust from the resonators, shallots and tongues. Re-fit broken stay loops and straighten  bowed and buckled brass tubes.
                  Check speech regulation of all ranks to promote prompt and even tone in    all registers.
                   Replace worn out leather regulating buttons and red cloth washes.
                   Refurbish pedal board: involves repair of the mechanical action and overhaul of worn out pivot points and connections. Will eliminate “rattle”
         The lowest pedal pipe has not worked for twenty years! To remedy this the following needs to be done:

         Remove all pipework from the wind chest, disconnect pneumatic action tubing and wind trunks and remove wind chest for factory overhaul.
         Re-leather 1 x 30 primary action purses with white lamb splitskin.
         Re-leather 1 x 30 internal pneumatic motors in white lamb splitskin.
         Check primary valve actions, clean and adjust.
 We are most grateful to the many kind parishioners who made donations and sponsored the cleaning of pipes , which raised the £20,000 needed  for this work to be undertaken.
We are also grateful to Church Care who awarded us a grant of £4,000 towards the cost of the work on the organ.
It is expected that the work will take a month to complete.
When the work is finished there will be a grand celebratory rededication Organ Recital. Please check our website for the date of this event. The recital will be given by James Orford, currently Organ Scholar of Dulwich College, Deputy Organist of St Mark's Bromley and Organ Scholar elect of Truro Cathedral.


Dismantling the organ January 2014
empty case
empty case